Artichokes are low in calories and rich in fiber. They also contain powerful antioxidants that are shown to help lower the risk of certain cancers.  One medium artichoke is also a good source of vitamin C, Folate and Potassium.  It is fat free and only 25 calories.

The artichoke we eat is the plant’s flower bud.  Artichokes thrive in temperate climate—so they reign as king Castroville, located in the Central Coast/Monterey area of California. Most artichokes are prepared by steaming or boiling the bud. The leaves are removed one at a time and the fleshly base is scraped out of the leaf and eaten. The heart of the artichoke is the prize—this soft stem/heart is often enjoyed marinated, baked, roasted or stuffed. Some studies have found that the artichoke leaf extract may relieve symptoms of indigestion.  Watch the condiments used on the artichoke leaves—these high fat additions can undo the good of this wonderful treat! Instead, grill or add the tender young artichokes to pasta using lemon, a little olive oil and seasonings.