Root Veggies

Nothing says fall has begun like a nourishing dinner full of roasted root veggies. While potatoes might be the most popular root vegetable, there are many others to choose from including carrots, turnips, rutabagas, yucca, sweet potatoes and radishes. Originally, settlers and farmers “kept” these vegetables in their storehouses to survive the winter months. Root vegetables are great in stews, soups, and simply roasted with olive oil.

Consuming root vegetables means you are actually eating the energy-storage parts of the plant. Root veggies are full of complex carbs and sugars that feed the plant above ground. Root vegetables can be stored at room temperature, and they should be – as the starches taste better this way.

Nutritionally, root veggies contain antioxidants, starch, and fiber. The skin of root vegetables contains a significant source of fiber, and many vitamins and minerals. There is no reason to remove it when cooking!